I usually charge an hourly rate, but if you should opt for one of my packages, I offer fixed rates.

Wedding Package
I am responsible for the sound of the event and will stay until the end. We jointly plan the event itinerary and select the right music for all situations (wedding party’s dance, etc.)For pricing contact us to discuss the details of your event.


Company Party
I provide the music from the champagne reception until the very end of the party. Our entertainment products range from live bands, vocalists, 3 piece instrumental ensembles, and DJ services. For pricing contact us to discuss the details of your event.


Hourly Rates

Rates vary depending upon the event location, amount of equipment necessary to successfully complete your event, and the size of the live entertainment group needed for your event. Please call 772-713-4664 to discuss how James Broxton Productions can meet and exceed the entertainment needs of your special event and guests.    


James Broxton Productions
James Broxton

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